Lambeth recycling rate soars!

Lambeth residents recyclingOur recycling rate in Lambeth is now 46%! The big increase is due to our change in disposal from landfill to energy from waste.

Since August 2011 all black sack waste has been sent to the new energy from waste plant at Belvedere. The waste is burnt, generating the electricity needs for up to 100,000 homes, and around one-third of the waste leaves the plant as Incinerator Bottom Ash. This is a mixture of ash, metal, glass, brick and other items that won’t burn.

The ash is taken by barge to a specialist recycling facility at Tilbury docks where the metals are extracted for recycling. The remaining ash is then prepared for use as an aggregate and all of it is recycled, mainly as a sub-base for new roads. This means that out of all the waste collected by Lambeth, 46% is now being reused, recycled or composted.

More information on Incinerator Bottom Ash and the Energy from Waste Plant at Belvedere is available on our Waste Strategy web page.


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