Refresh your wardrobe and prevent waste at the Lambeth Swish!

Clothes rail full of clothesSwishing is an increasingly popular way of giving your wardrobe a shake up. Not only are you able to pass on good quality items you no longer wear, you can also choose something new to you!

With 800,000 black bin bags of textiles thrown away in London each year, it’s easy to see the scale of the problem. Swishing is just one way in which we can prolong the life of our clothing and prevent unnecessary waste.

Join us

Whether you’re a seasoned swisher or a complete newbie, join us at our next event – you never know what you’ll come away with!

Our next Swish is at Upstairs at The Ritzy on Tuesday 21 February at 7.30pm. Places are limited so please email to book.

The doors will be open from 6.30pm, so you can drop off your clothes and relax in the bar before the party begins.

Plan your own swish!

How about holding a swishing party at home?

Remember, even if clothes are not good enough quality to ‘be swished’ or donated to your local charity shop, you can still put them in your local textile bank for recycling.


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