Love food hate waste this Jubilee weekend

Party food arranged on table Whether you’re hanging out the bunting and throwing a right royal knees up or just planning to quietly enjoy the long weekend, chances are you’ll be eating and drinking a little more than usual.

Many people are busy planning picnics, BBQ’s and get togethers which often result in extra food waste.

Here are some tips for making the most of your food and stretching those pennies just a little bit further!

1. Plan in advance

Make sure you know how many people you’re catering for and whether they are bringing any food so that you don’t cook too much. Ask guests to bring containers, so that food can be taken away at the end of the party.

2. Know your labels

Each year we throw away 3 million tonnes of food before we’ve even got round to cooking it! Get to know your ‘use by’ from your ‘best before’ with the Love Food Hate Waste guide.

3. Use your leftovers

Did you know that 78% of us use leftovers as part of another meal but 16% just throw leftovers away? Many of us are worried about storing and reheating food that has already been cooked.

The Food Standards Agency have teamed up with the Love Food Hate Waste campaign to provide a helpful guide to using your leftovers safely.

Finally, remember to use your orange sack or estate recycling bin for any extra packaging including glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, cardboard and juice cartons.

For more information on food waste including recipes and tips, visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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