Give real nappies a try with Lambeth’s new scheme

Baby wearing real nappy We’re encouraging new parents in Lambeth to try real nappies with our new trial packs.

What are Real Nappies?

Real nappies, often called washable or reusable nappies, have come a long way since terry towelling and safety pins. They are now available in modern easy to use designs; are bright and colourful and have Velcro pads and poppers for easy fastening.

Why use Real Nappies?

It is estimated that the average child needs 4000 nappy changes! Even considering laundry costs, real nappies could save you up to £650 when compared to disposables.

Real nappies can be used again and again; most nappies will see at least two children through to potty training.

They also significantly reduce the amount you need to throw away. We estimate that 1,700 tonnes of disposable nappies are thrown away in Lambeth each year, costing us around £230,000 in disposal costs.

They are made from soft, natural materials that have been carefully selected to be kind to your baby’s skin.

What is a trial pack?

Our trial packs will help you to decide if real nappies are for you. They contain three all-in-one nappies and are suitable for children from birth to potty.

More detailed information on how the scheme works and how to apply for a trial pack is available on our real nappy web page.

If you would like to discuss real nappies or have any questions, you can email or call 020 7926 8948.


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