Give your textiles a second chance

Lady using textile bankSince Jan 2012 Lambeth residents have used local recycling points to recycle and reuse over 40 tonnes of shoes, textiles, and clothes saving over £15,000 in disposal costs.

Our main textile recycling partners are Traid, Chris Carey and Scope. They supply the banks you’ll find at our local recycling points and on estates.

Traid (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development), redistributes reusable items to its shops, such as the one on Acre Lane, Brixton for resale to the local community. They also run workshops with local schools and donate to the Fairtrade Foundation and overseas development projects.

Chris Carey Textiles hand sort their collections in South London and Kent and remanufacture, reuse or resell them both in the UK and world-wide supporting charities such as Save the children.

Scope resells the textiles in their stores raising funds for their work with disabled people and their families

More information can be found on the TRAID, Chris Carey and Scope websites.

You’ll also find other charity banks in supermarket car parks and private land across the borough.

To find out where your nearest textile recycling bank is see our local recycling point web page.

You can recycle and reuse a range of items at our local recycling points from small electrical items and books to CDs and DVDs. Check our full list of local recycling points to see which materials you can recycle near you.


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