Waste Less, Live More!

Food growing in tyreLondon based charity Waste Watch are holding their very first Waste Less, Live More Week between 17 and 23 September 2012.

The week aims to highlight that environmental and social issues are interlinked and tackling these issues together is a far more effective solution.

Waste less, Live More is about living our lives in ways that reduce our environmental impact, whilst improving the health and happiness of ourselves and each other.

To help people get involved, they’ve come up with some great activities you can try at home or in your workplace.

So why not give one of the following a go?

  • Host a shared dinner with friends

Invite friends and family round for dinner, and ask each person to bring a dish. You’ll experience new foods, good friends and save hours spent in the kitchen.

  •  Organise a borrow and lend night

Invite friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues around with an item they rarely use, to lend to someone who needs it. It could be books, clothes, equipment, and time.

  •  Grow your own

Use any available space you have to grow plants, herbs and vegetables. whether it’s a garden, a window sill or by making a hanging garden. You can eat fresh lettuce, tomatoes and more, as well as brightening up your home environment.

There are many more ideas for activities and further information on the Waste Less, Live More website including a list of London events.


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