Give and Take in Brixton

Brixton Community Market in partnership with Veolia Environmental Services is hosting a Give and Take Market in the heart of Brixton on Saturday 29th September! The market will give people the chance to both get rid of unwanted items as well as to pick up and re-use good condition second hand items.

Reuse! They’ll be accepting everything from furniture, books, children’s toys, house ware, bric-a-brac, clothes and shoes, plants, bikes, musical instruments, camping equipment and everything in between to put out on the stalls and find new homes for!

Recycle! They will be accepting unwanted broken electrical items too, which will all be collected by Veolia and taken to be recycled, helping to recover valuable materials.

Repair! There will also be several workshops brought to you by local artist and organisations, to inspire ideas on how to re-use clothes, repair bikes, make gifts out of scraps and fix things up!

How it works?

People are welcome to take items without giving and to give without taking!

Between 10am – 12pm people can drop off items to be exchanged by coming down to Brixton Station Rd and following signs to drop off items.

Then from 1pm – 5pm we open to the public to browse the stalls and take goods away, and a team of volunteer assistants will be around to help you. (They will still accept small donations throughout the day, particularly small electricals)

For more information, see the or email


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