Celebrate Apple Day in Lambeth

It’s hard to ignore that Autumn has arrived, there’s a chill in air, leaves on the ground and an abundance of fruit and veg ready for eating.

Apples are one of the best-loved harvest fruits but we still throw away 3 million of them every day in the UK. Add this to the other food we waste as a nation and it’s costing an unbelievable £33 million – every day! It’s not just money we waste when we throw away good food, it’s also the energy and effort that’s gone into bringing the food to our table.

Simple steps, such as storing your apples in the fridge, will help to keep them fresher for longer and if you have apples you need to use up, try one of these delicious recipes. Apples lend themselves to all kinds of dishes, from chutneys and pies to cakes and sauces.

Why not celebrate this versatile fruit this Sunday 7th October between 11am and 4pm at the annual Roots and Shoots Apple Day in Kennington. They’ll be running activities for adults and children and you’ll have the chance to sample some rarer apples from a collection of over 100 varieties!

If you have a favourite apple recipe, why not share it in the comments section below?


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