Depaving comes to Lambeth!

We worked with residents of Reedworth Street in Kennington to carry out the UK’s first specifically designed depave.

40% of the paving on the driveways of the two properties was removed and replaced with gravel and soil, creating new areas for planting while still allowing the residents to use the space for parking.

Driveway before depaving










Why depave?

An area equal to that of seven Hyde Parks has been lost to concreted front gardens in London. Depaving allows water to soak back into the ground naturally rather than run-off as it does from concrete. Once the water has soaked through the soil and gravel, it helps to replenish groundwater supplies and can also help to reduce the risk of flooding.

Depaving also contributes to reducing the urban heat island effect and when the depaved area is planted, you will see other benefits such as a reduction in CO2 and airborne pollutants. It also enhances the street scene.

Would you like to depave?

If you are interested in depaving part of your property we can provide advice and help with materials, tools and waste disposal.

We will be promoting depave through Community Freshview, however if you or a group of residents or community group would like to discuss undertaking a depave, please call 020 7926 9000 or email

For more information please visit or see a case study of the work carried out on Reedworth Street.


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