Charlie Dimmock sows the seeds for Lambeth’s first Green Schools programme

Charlie Dimmock with Children at St Bedes

Charlie Dimmock with Children at St Bedes

Yesterday saw gardening expert Charlie Dimmock launch Lambeth’s first Green schools programme at St. Bede’s RC infant and nursery school in Thornton Road.

St Bede’s is the first school in Lambeth to be eligible to receive a grant of up to £1,000 through Recyclebank’s Green Schools programme . The school intend to use the money to revamp their secret garden creating a space for children to grow their own fruit and vegetables and learn about plants and wildlife.

Through the Recyclebank scheme, residents on Lambeth estates can earn reward points for recycling. For every 200 points donated to St Bede’s, Recyclebank will donate £1 towards the secret garden project.

At the launch, Charlie Dimmock explained why she was happy to get involved: “I was so pleased to be invited to launch such an exciting initiative. Children’s interests and perceptions are formed early on in life and I think it is vital that we educate them on wildlife and the environment at a grassroots level. I may be biased but I believe that gardening is also loads of fun and a great activity to get children outdoors and interacting with nature.”

If you would like to donate your points to the project, you can find out more on our website . It’s not too late to register, if you haven’t already. You have until the 9th December to donate your points.


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