Lambeth residents needed for £ood Waste Challenge!

Picture of Food Waste Recycle for London are recruiting people for their £ood Waste Challenge taking place from 17th – 30th November 2012. The £ood Waste Challenge is a two week challenge getting Londoners to see how much food they throw away in a normal week, then providing tips and information on how to reduce that. The challenge is for participants to reduce their food waste by the greatest amount over a one week period.

What they would like you to do:

  • Sign up/pledge to reduce your food waste
  • Commit to make a note/diary over two weeks of what food and drink you throw away at home (ideally as a household, but can be as an individual if in shared house, student halls etc)
  • Weigh the total amount of food and drink thrown away in weeks 1 and 2 (Recycle for London will provide tools to help if necessary)
  • If you can, tell others about your experience (Facebook posts, blog, photo blog, video diary, tweets, article in newspaper etc) .

You will also be invited to attend an event at City Hall on Friday 23rd November, where you’ll meet other participants, share your results and learn more about food waste and how to save money at home.

If you’d like to find out more about the Challenge simply visit the Recycle for London website to register your interest and the team will get in touch with more information.


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