No junk mail stickers working for Lambeth residents.

A pile of junk mail A while ago, we asked Lambeth residents to keep a Junk Mail Diary. We had some great volunteers who kindly kept a diary for two weeks and sent in the results.

First, we asked them to display a No Junk Mail sticker on their letterbox to see what effect this had on the amount of mail they received.

One participant was surprised by how well it worked:

I have to say I’m amazed at how effective the ‘no junk mail’ sticker has been. I honestly thought it would just be ignored. In two weeks I’ve collected what I normally collect in one or two days.

On average, residents received 5 pieces of junk mail over the two week period, so although the stickers don’t stop all junk mail, they can considerably reduce the amount you receive.  If you don’t have your free sticker yet, email and we’ll send one out to you.

You will also find a template letter on our website, that you can download and send to companies you regularly receive unwanted mail from.

Also, if despite having a No Junk Mail sticker on your letterbox, you continue to receive unwanted mail, then let us know and we can contact the company on your behalf.

Don’t forget our 10 easy steps for reducing the amount of unwanted mail you receive.


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