Recycle your Christmas tree

Christmas TreeThe crackers have all been pulled and it’s now time to put Christmas behind us as we stumble, dazed but optimistic, into another new year. But as we try to look bravely forward one thing still tugs us back: there, in the corner of the room, our once lushly foliaged and richly decorated tree is unapologetically shedding needles all over the floor and getting in everyone’s way.

But there is hope.

What if your tree has not, as you had suspected, reached the end of its useful life? What if it could be recycled, and fed back into the earth to nourish future generations of Brussels sprouts and red cabbages?  Well, it can!

If you’re fortunate enough to live in Lambeth, and you have a real* Christmas tree that you’re keen to see the back of and your rubbish is collected from a wheelie bin, you can put your tree out with your other rubbish on the week beginning 7 January 2013. (The same conditions apply to trees as to your bin, so please don’t put your tree outside until the evening before your collection day.)

If you live on a Lambeth Living estate you can put your tree in your bulky waste collection point between 7 January and 11 January.

Now here’s an interesting thing: you won’t find much growing on the floor of a pine forest because pine is very acidic. For this reason, after your Christmas tree has been chopped up into very small pieces it will be mixed with other green waste to make it suitable for use as a soil improver that will be distributed to farms. So by the time the first Christmas adverts appear on TV (probably in May) your tree may well be helping to grow the veggies we’ll be eating next December. Isn’t that a nice thought?

*Real trees only, please! Tinsel does not compost well, and non-biodegradable trees can be used again next year!



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