Can you help to design a new project with Lambeth Council?

Sky_002We’d like to invite you to a workshop on Saturday 16 March to help us design and develop a ‘street leader’ or ‘street friends’ scheme. Many other boroughs and cities have street leader schemes where people volunteer to look after their street by reporting environmental issues or dealing with them directly using tools and materials provided by the council. We could just copy those schemes, but Lambeth is unique! In the spirit of co-operation and co-production we want to find out from you exactly what sort of scheme would bring the most benefit to Lambeth’s communities.

You’ll help us answer questions such as:

·         What sort of scheme do people want?

·         How can the council support people to take care of their street?

·         How can we promote the scheme so that it involves as many people as possible?

Apart from helping us to design the best possible scheme, the workshop will offer a unique opportunity for you to meet a very friendly bunch of like-minded people. It will be very informal, there will no doubt be some fascinating conversations, and we’ll provide some lunch.

The workshop will be in a meeting room in the White Lion at 232 Streatham High Road, from 11am until 5pm. If you wish, you can attend just part of the day – please email for more details so that someone from the team can get in touch with you.

If you can’t make any of it, please forward this on to friends or neighbours who you think might be interested.


2 Responses to Can you help to design a new project with Lambeth Council?

  1. What’s wrong with Community Freshview as it is? Works fine for us.

  2. Hello St Matthew’s TRA, thank you for getting in touch. Community Freshview is going from strength to strength and we have no plans to change it (see our Facebook page,

    The street friends scheme would be different, to allow people to take more long-term, continuous care of their street either as part of a group or as individuals. If anyone from the TRA is able to come along on Saturday we’d welcome your input. Please email me at for more details.

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