Calling for leftover decking or floor boards!

This is a picture of Lambeth Council’s very own Khemissi, who is pointing out what a difference this tree-pit planter will make when it’s been filled with compost and some nice plants. You might have seen some of these already – we’ve helped residents all over the borough make quite a few of them as part of our Community Freshview programme.

Unfortunately we’re now coming to the end of our supply of suitable wood, so we’re appealing to people who might have some spare decking or floor boards left over from gardening or renovation projects. Do you have any, or do you know someone that has? Instead of taking up space in your shed or spare bedroom they could be helping to brighten up Lambeth’s streets!

If you have any suitable leftovers or off-cuts please send an email to giving a description of the wood and a rough estimate of the amount. If you can send a photograph as well, all the better. We’ll then get in touch and if the wood is suitable we’ll arrange to come and collect it.

Or perhaps you’d rather organise your own Community Freshview? Get in touch using the same email address and we’ll help you arrange it. We’ve even got a Facebook page to help with inspiration:


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