Real Nappy Week 2013 in Lambeth

william 515th – 21st April is Real Nappy Week and we’re  encouraging parents to try real nappies.

Approximately 5,000 babies are born in Lambeth each year and disposable nappies make up three per cent of household waste. Currently that’s around 2,000 tonnes of waste costing almost £300,000 a year to dispose of.

There are financial benefits for parents too. It is estimated that you can save up to £650 by switching to real nappies!

To reduce the number of disposable nappies thrown away in the borough, we introduced the Lambeth Real Nappy Trial Pack.

The pack comes in a handy wash bag and contains three ‘all in one’ & ‘one size fits all’ style washable nappies, a roll of liners and a booster liner. Everything you need to get started.

We spoke to some of the Lambeth parents who have used our trial pack.

Cassie was very positive about her experience

I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use real nappies. They’re easy to use, a money saver, they look adorable and they’re good for the environment.

Swapping to real nappies seemed like a monumental decision to us but once we’d taken the plunge we haven’t looked back.

Katie explained how straightforward it is.

I was discouraged from getting washable nappies by quite a few people, who told me I’d be washing nappies all the time, which has never been the case.

There’s plenty of support for parents who would like to swap to real nappies. We organise regular washable nappy demonstrations and Philip, Lambeth’s very own washable nappy advisor has built up a friendly network of professional nappy advisors and parents who regularly meet to help others who are using or want to use washable nappies.

Our next scheduled event is:

Brockwell Park One O’Clock Club

Entrance from Arlingford Road, Off Tulse Hill, SW2 2TA

Wednesday 17th April

Time 1pm – 2pm.

Please book a place if you wish to attend, as space is limited. Email

If you would like our Real Nappy Advisor to attend your event or meeting, please drop us a line

To apply for a pack or for more information about the scheme and events, please see our website


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