Taking a look at the last ten years of Recycle Week in Lambeth.

Lambeth residents recyclingThis week, 17 to 23 June, marks the 10th anniversary of Recycle Week. We’ve come a long way since the week was first launched in 2003. Back then, Lambeth residents were separating just 11% of waste and now, it’s a impressive 32%. You can now use your orange sack or estate recycling bin to recycle paper and card, tins and cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic pots, tubs and trays and food and drink cartons easily from home and our Local Recycling Points now accept a range of materials including textiles and shoes, small electrical items and most recently light bulbs and batteries.

For larger items, you can use our Reuse and Recycling Centres to recycle a range of additional materials from carpet and bicycles to white goods and cooking oil.

Garden and food waste is also finding its way out of Lambeth’s rubbish bins. 296 of you purchased compost bins through our susbsidised scheme in the last year and our Real Nappy Scheme is helping new parents to make the transition from disposables to reusables.

Did you know?

•All materials collected in orange sacks in Lambeth are recycled in the UK.

•We collected over 20,000 tonnes of mixed recycling from orange sacks and estate recycling bins last year. All of which was sorted at our Materials Recovery Facility in Wandsworth.

•All garden waste collected through our garden waste service is composted in Croydon and used as a soil improver and substitute for artificial fertilisers on farmland.

•Rubbish collected in Lambeth is sent to an Energy from Waste Plant in the London Borough of Bexley. At the end of the process, any glass, metal and rubble that has accidentally found its way into your rubbish bins, is extracted from the ash and recycled into new metal products and aggregate for road building.

•Last year, you donated 200 tonnes of textiles for reuse and recycling, helping charities such as TRAID and Scope.

So, we’d like to say a big thank you to all of you for helping to reduce the amount we throw away and increasing the amount we reuse and recycle.

Our website highlights all the options for reducing, reusing and recycling in Lambeth, so please take a look if you would like to find out more about reducing food waste, donating unwanted goods, home and community composting, real nappies and more.


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