Take a tour of the TRAID warehouse.


We have teamed up with TRAID (Textile Recycling for AID and International Development) to offer Lambeth residents the chance to visit their Wembley warehouse. The warehouse is where TRAID sorts the donations that are sent to them via their charity shops and clothing banks. We support their work by hosting textile banks at a number of locations around the borough.


TRAID works to stop clothes being thrown away. They take a circular and sustainable approach to the problems of clothes waste tackling disposal, production and consumption by:-


  • Increasing clothes reuse across the UK reducing waste, carbon emissions and consumption
  • Funding international development projects to improve conditions and working practices in the textile industry
  • Educating people of all ages about the impacts of textiles on the environment and people’s lives, and how we can make more sustainable choices

The interactive guided tours are aimed to raise awareness about the socio-environmental cost of clothes over-consumption and textiles waste in the UK.  Participants will be also introduced to TRAID Sustainable Clothes Life Cycle  and how to make a  difference   by making simple, sustainable choices when it comes to managing your wardrobe.


The tour will take place on a weekday, so if you are interested in booking a place, please contact us environmentlambeth@lambeth.gov.uk




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