Your guide to recycling in Lambeth this Christmas

Christmas TreeCards

These can go in your recycling sack or shared recycling bin. You can also take them to your local M&S, where they will be recycled in support of the Woodland Trust. Last year, 10 million cards were collected and 10,000 trees planted as a result!

Alternatively, you can get crafty and make tags for next year’s presents!

Wrapping  paper

Once your presents have been unwrapped, remember to put the wrapping paper in your recycling sack or shared recycling bin. Unfortunately, the metallic-style paper cannot be recycled.


When you’re catering for guests, it’s often difficult to know how much to cook.  If you don’t feel like eating turkey for the whole of January, a good rule of thumb is to allow 1lb per person. If you do have left over food, have a look at for some great leftover recipes.

Don’t forget the new food waste collection service! You can put all of the bones, peelings and scraps from plates into your caddy.

Cooking  oil

Once you’ve cooked dinner, allow the fat to cool down and pour it into a plastic bottle. Drop it into one of our on-street oil banks where it will be recycled into biodiesel!


When you’ve opened your presents and prepared the food, there is likely to be a lot of packaging ready for recycling. You can use your recycling sack or shared recycling bin to recycle the following:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Cans and tins
  • Plastic bottles and plastic pots, tubs and trays
  • Cartons (tetra paks)

You can put out as much recycling for collection as you need to. If you are running short of recycling sacks, you can collect more from your local library or order more online.

Christmas trees

We’ll be collecting Christmas trees as usual this year. To recycle your tree, put it out on your normal collection day throughout January, starting from 6 January 2014.

You can also take your tree to the following sites between 6 January and 13 January 2014.

• Clapham Common, Windmill Drive, SW4

• Streatham Common, rear of Upper Common car park, SW16

• Archbishops Park, Carlisle Lane, SE1

• Lambeth Reuse and Recycling Centre, Vale Street, SE27 9PA (closed Tuesday and Wednesday)


If you receive new electrical items for Christmas, don’t let the old ones gather dust. If they are in good working order consider donating them to a local charity. If they no longer work, you can recycle them in one of our on-street WEEE banks.


Most of us receive clothes at Christmas. If you need to make room in your wardrobe for the new additions, remember to donate your worn clothes to your local charity shop or send them for reuse in one of our on-street textile banks. Even if the clothes are passed their best, please still put them in one of our banks. Whatever isn’t suitable for reuse will be recycled.

Reuse and recycling centres

If you have additional recycling, you can take it to one of our reuse and recycling centres. You can also recycle a range of additional materials at these sites from bikes and batteries through to white goods. Please check the materials list for each site before visiting.

 Wishing you all a very happy and restful break! 


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