Would you like to start composting?

Resident using a compost binThere are many options to suit different spaces and needs, from small garden composters to larger units that can also compost food waste. So whether you live in a house with a small garden or patio, on an estate, or want to start composting with your neighbours, we can help you to find the right option.

Why compost?

Composting has many benefits, it is easy to do and allows you to reduce your waste locally, meaning that it doesn’t have to be transported and processed elsewhere. It also enables you to transform your leftover food and garden waste into a useful soil improver or liquid feed that can be used on your gardens and allotments.

Composting at home

You don’t need a large garden to compost. In fact, even a small patio can provide enough space for a compost bin or wormery.

Lambeth residents can purchase reduced-price compost bins, wormeries and accessories at get composting.com and delivery is free. You could also team up with a neighbour or friend and make the most of the buy one, get one half price offer.

Please see visit get composting.com or call 0844 571 444, for the latest offers and prices. Remember to use your Lambeth postcode.

Composting on estates and community composting

All Lambeth residents who live on an estate or are interested in starting a community composting scheme can also compost their leftover food or gardening waste.

If you are part of a food growing group or are a group of enthusiastic neighbours, speak to the Compost Doctor who can advise you on how to best get started. Email compost doctor@lambeth.gov.uk.


One Response to Would you like to start composting?

  1. My family enjoy composting especially the kids – It’s fun an enjoyable. Kids and composting were meant for each other!

    Mike Challinor @ (skip hire comparison)

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