Make the change during Real Nappy Week 2014.

HarryMonday 28 April is the start of Real Nappy Week and we are encouraging parents to give real nappies a try!

Over 4,000 babies are born in Lambeth each year and their disposable nappies are thrown out with the general household waste. Currently that’s around 2,000 tonnes of waste costing almost £300,000 a year to dispose of.

There are financial benefits for parents too. It is estimated that you can save up to £650 by switching to real nappies!

To help reduce the number of disposable nappies thrown away in the borough, we introduced the Lambeth Real Nappy Trial Pack. The pack comes in a handy wash bag and contains three ‘all in one’ & ‘one size fits all’ style washable nappies, a roll of liners and a booster liner – everything you need to get started.

To apply for a pack or for more information about the scheme, please see our website.

Our friends over at Real Nappies for London are championing Real Nappy Week across London and are inviting Lambeth parents and babies to join in this years Great Cloth Nappy Change to help break the Guinness World Record and raise awareness of the benefits of using real nappies.

Nappy talks or information demo sessions, popularly known as “Nappuccinos”, are run by real nappy advisors, real nappy networks and/or volunteers. Details of local sessions can be found on their events page.




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