Compost Awareness Week 2014

Man composting5 – 11 May 2014 is International Compost Awareness Week, so if you are thinking about composting now is the time to start!

Discounted bins

All Lambeth residents are entitled to discounted compost bins and wormeries. Visit or call 0845 658 8866 to order yours. Delivery is free and bins start at just £14.98!

You can also team up with a neighbour or friend to make the most of the buy one, get one half price offer.

No space for a compost bin?

Lack of space needn’t stop you from composting. We can help you to set up a communal composting scheme in your local area. Whether you live on an estate, are part of a food growing group or would like to compost with your neighbours, we can provide all the help you need to get started.  Drop us a line at or call 020 7926 8948.

 Need advice? Speak to our Compost Doctor

Our very own Compost Doctor is on hand to offer advice. He can provide support with setting up your compost bin and help with any problems you might be experiencing with existing bins. You can contact him on or call 020 7926 8948. On 7 and 8 May, he will be making a special appearance on Twitter to answer your questions! Please tweet them to @envirolambeth and use #CAW2014.


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