It’s Recycle Week!

RW_FB_Profile_PIC_201416 – 22 June 2014 marks Recycle Week which provides us with the perfect opportunity to thank you for using your waste and recycling services and to let you know what you’ve achieved over the last year.

The great news is that you have been recycling more and throwing less away! By the end of this year you’ll have recycled 26% more while reducing the rubbish you throw away by 8%!

The introduction of the new food waste service will lead to the equivalent of 466 trucks of food waste being sent for composting this year. Food that would otherwise have been thrown away is now used on farmland around London reducing the need for artificial fertilisers.

These improvements will not only save an estimated 1,112 tonnes of CO2 equivalent but will also mean that less money has to be spent on the disposal of your waste.

So please keep up the good work, as you can see it’s making a real difference!

The theme for this year’s Recycle Week is recycling at home and away, so remember that as well as everything you can recycle in your clear sack or estate recycling bin; you can recycle even more at your local on-street recycling point.

You can also visit one of the three Reuse and Recycling Centres in the borough where you can recycle and reuse a range of materials including bulky items such as fridges, cookers and carpet.

If you have bulky items that are good enough to be reused by someone else, you can book a collection with the London Reuse Network.

Information on all of our waste and recycling services can be found at



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