Help us to shape how we manage flood risk in Lambeth

People stood outside of their flooded houses in 1914

Flooding from the River Effra in 1914

Did you know that approximately 46,000 residential and non-residential properties in Lambeth have been identified as being at particular risk of flooding? The flood risk comes from surface water runoff, groundwater and small watercourses and ditches.

We are now the Lead Local Flood Authority for the London Borough of Lambeth and have a responsibility to lead and co-ordinate local flood risk management.

We have devised a new draft Flood Risk Management Strategy which outlines the priorities for local flood risk management and provides a delivery plan to manage the risk over the next five years.

It outlines our aims for managing flood risk, including:

  •  Improving knowledge and understanding of local flood risk
  • Using available information on flood risk to predict flooding and issue warnings
  • Increasing awareness of flooding
  • Working in partnership with Risk Management Authorities, communities and businesses
  • Encouraging and implementing sustainable drainage solutions
  • Ensuring that planning has a positive or nil effect on flood risk

We would like your feedback!

The draft Lambeth Flood Risk Management Strategy and guidance for residents can by found on our website. You can leave feedback by completing on our online survey.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and your feedback will help us to shape how we manage flood risk in Lambeth in the future.


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