Restoring the pond at Effra Nature Garden

The Conservation Volunteers (TVC) help hundreds of thousands of people each year to reclaim local green places right across the country. The Lambeth Biodiversity Action Team (BAT) operate from their offices on Vassall Road and run their own activities as well as providing support to local community projects.

One such project is the restoration of the pond at the Effra Nature Garden. The pond had almost completely silted up, so volunteers worked to remove all of the vegetation and drained the pond.

Effra Garden 3

Vegetation was left for a few days to allow any frogs and insects to get away. It was then sorted and seperated for composting and silt was spread back around the pond.

The project will be running until Christmas and the next step is to fit a couple of extra liners on top of the existing one. Once this is complete, the slabs will be re-fixed around the edge and hidden with sand and soil.

Effra Garden 4

The pond will then be ready to refill creating a really valuable habitat for wildlife, not to mention a peaceful and enjoyable place for local residents.

Volunteers are still needed to help complete the work on the pond. If you would like to find out more about this and other local opportunities, please visit their website or email



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