Donate your unwanted furniture and household goods to local community groups.

A chair being refurbished ready for resale.

A chair being refurbished ready for resale.

You may have recently received a leaflet or noticed the new advertisements on our collection vehicles for The London Reuse Network. The network is made up of charities, social enterprises and non-profit organisations that work together to increase reuse across London.

Unwanted furniture, appliances and household items are collected, checked for quality and safety, refurbished and prepared for resale at affordable prices to low-income and recently rehoused families.

In addition, the scheme creates jobs and provides training in furniture repair, administration and retail skills, helping people back into work.

Collections are available to all Lambeth residents, so if you have recently had a clear out and have items that are suitable for reuse, please consider donating them.

For a £20 fee, up to four items can be collected from inside your home. Alternatively, you can  drop the items off free of charge at Smugglers  Way Reuse and Recycling Centre.

To book a collection, please call 020 3142 8506 or you can do it online at

Items can be collected from your home.

Items can be collected from your home.

Full details of the items accepted can be found on their website. All items must be suitable for reuse.

If you have broken items, you can arrange collection through the Bulky Waste Collection Service or you can take them to one of our Reuse and Recycling Centres for recycling. Please check opening items and material lists before visiting as they vary between sites.


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