Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 – how to get involved!

Ruby Figueroa and her son Amilcar

Ruby Figueroa and her son Amilcar

Monday sees the start of Fairtrade Fortnight which this year runs from 23 February to 8 March. Last week, we told you about the screening of new film ‘Fairtrade Matters’ that will take place in Lambeth Town Hall on Thursday 5 March.  If you would like to come along, please book your place by sending us an email. See a sneak peek of the film.

This year, Fairtrade Fortnight will shine a spotlight on the people who make and grow the products we love. People like Ruberra Figueroa, a sugar cane farmer from Belize. Ruberra, or Ruby as she is known, is part of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and is a single mother of three.

Fairtrade has made a difference to Ruby’s life. The BSCFA decided to put some of its Fairtrade Premium towards providing education grants for families struggling to support their children. Ruby’s 15 year old son Amilcar has benefited and is studying to become a chemist.

More Fairtrade sugar sales mean more benefits for the 61,800 sugar farmers and workers in the Fairtrade sysytem and opportunities for more farmers and workers to start selling on Fairtrade terms.

This is why we are encouraging everyone to make Fairtrade choices this fortnight (and beyond!) and we would love you to share them with us! So, whether you are enjoying a cup of Fairtrade coffee, a banana or a chocolate bar, send us a picture to @Envirolambeth using #Fairtradelambeth.


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