Reducing flood risk in Lambeth

floodSign_jpgThis week the Lambeth Local Flood Risk Management Strategy was published online, with hard copies available in all Lambeth libraries.  The strategy provides an overview of what we, as the Lead Local Flood Authority, plan to do to reduce the risk of flooding in the future.

The strategy covers many topics related to flooding in Lambeth and it shows how addressing flooding can have many positive impacts on other environmental problems.  One example is the use of Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS).

SuDS mimic natural drainage and reduce the amount of water entering the sewer system.  SuDS can range from green roofs and walls, to rain gardens and engineered tree pits, which have the ability to store water. In addition to reducing the amount of surface water runoff, SuDs present a number of positive side effects:

  • reducing the urban heat island effects, cooling the street temperature by replacing hard surfaces with plants;
  • reducing air pollution by planting trees and plants;
  • improving water quality;
  • improving biodiversity through planting native and nectar-rich species, encouraging more insects and wildlife to an area;
  • improving the local environment and creating more green spaces;

We been at the forefront of delivering SuDS in London, through Highways and Parks projects and through working with community groups and residents. We are also proud to have worked with the London Wildlife Trust helping to introduce SuDS along the route of the lost River Effra.

SuDS are just one way we can reduce flood risk in the Borough.  For information visit our website and have a look at the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.


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