Water Saving Week, 22 to 28 March 2015.


Water scarcity is a real problem in the UK, yet we are among the highest consumers of water in Europe. The UK has less available water per person than most other European countries and London is drier than Istanbul.

Changing demands on our water supply mean that is more important than ever to take care with how we use water. An increasing population, changing lifestyles and increasingly erratic weather patterns have led to ever increasing pressure on our water supply. Taking positive action now can help to ensure that there is enough water to go round, for us, for businesses and for the environment.

The good news is there are many simple things you can do to save water!

  • Drink tap water – One litre of bottled water can take up to 5 litres of water to produce.
  • Turn off your taps  A running tap wastes over 6 litres of water per minute. Make sure you turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth and wash veg in a bowl of water.
  • Fill up your washing machine and dishwasher – using the eco setting, if available, will also ensure more efficient use of water.
  • Order water saving freebies – claim your free save-a-flush bags, shower timers, tap inserts and shower heads directly from Thames Water.
  • Take shorter showers – a bath typically uses around 80 litres of water, while a shower uses approximately a third of that. Order your free shower timer at the link above.
  • Use a water butt – Over 21,000 litres of water falls on the roof of the average UK home each year. You can catch some of this in a water butt and use it on your garden. Lambeth residents can purchase subsidised water butts with prices starting at £24.98.
  • Eat less meat – 2400 litres of water are required to produce one hamburger. Going meat-free one day per week will help to conserve water around the world.

Keep on eye on our Twitter feed next week for daily tips on saving water and please get in touch with your own tips and advice!

Water Saving Week is a nationwide campaign organised by Water Wise .


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