Free collections of furniture and electrical items in Lambeth

Emmaus.If you have furniture or white goods that you no longer need, you may be able to arrange a free collection through one of Lambeth’s reuse charities.

Emmaus Lambeth provide a home and work to 54 previously homeless people at their centre in West Norwood. They support this work through the collection and resale of household items at their shops across the borough. Free collections of furniture, white goods and electrical items can be arranged by visiting their website or calling 020 8761 4276. All items must be in a suitable condition for resale.

The British Heart Foundation also provide a free collection of furniture and large and small electrical items for resale in their Brixton shop. You can arrange a collection online or call 0808 250 0030.

If you have transport, Smugglers Way Household waste and Recycling Centre also accepts good quality furniture and electrical items for reuse. Any items not suitable for resale will be recycled. White goods and electrical items can also be taken to Lambeth Reuse and Recycling Centre.


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