Compost Awareness Week 2015

Did you know that around 40% of the average rubbish bin’s contents are suitable for composting? If you haven’t caught the composting bug yet then Compost Awareness Week, 4 – 11 of May 2015, is a great time to start!

Great value compost bins and wormeries for Lambeth residents

220 litre compost bin.  £14.98.

220 litre compost bin.

Visit to see the range of composters available and purchase your discounted compost bin. You can also make the most of the buy one, get one half price offer, by teaming up with a friend or neighbour.

As well as compost bins, you can buy wormeries, which are perfect for dealing with all cooked and uncooked food waste.

Why compost?

It’s a really easy way to transform everyday scraps such as fruit and veg peelings, tea bags and shredded paper into a useful soil improver for your garden. You don’t need a big garden either, compost bins can be set up in small backyards and on patios.

If you live on an estate or don’t have access to a garden, you can still compost by setting up your own community composting area. Contact us at for more information.

Tips and advice

If you haven’t composted before, have a look at our other posts ‘getting started‘ and ‘getting results‘.

Our Compost Doctor will also be on hand next Wednesday 6 May, to answer your composting questions. Please tweet your question to @Envirolambeth and he’ll answer them throughout the day.

The life inside your compost bin photo competition

One gram of compost can be home to literally millions of microscopic creatures! You’ll also have some more visible mini beasts working away in your bin such as worms and woodlice. This year, Garden Organic have launched a photographic competition are are asking for pictures on the theme of ‘The life inside your bin’. Entries should be sent to by 5pm on Wednesday 6 May. Good luck!


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  2. Beth Walker says:

    Great post, hope this catches on! compost is a really important aspect of gardening!

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