Lambeth performs well in new carbon-based recycling league table.

For many years recycling percentage has been used to compare the performance of local authorities. Performance is based on the weight of the waste local authorities reuse, recycle or compost/digest as a percentage of the total weight of waste produced.

However Ricardo-AEA, a global sustainability consultancy, has developed the first full UK local authority waste management league table based on carbon emission factors. They argue that a better reflection of environmental benefit is to look at the global warming potential based on the disposal method of each material collected.

We’re really pleased to see that under this measure Lambeth rank 57th out of a total of 433 UK local authorities.

The analysis takes into account the end process for residual waste (rubbish) and councils that no longer send this waste to landfill perform far better than those that do. Landfilling material that degrades underground has a significant carbon impact of +463 kg per tonne.

No waste from Lambeth has been landfilled since August 2011. All rubbish collected in the borough is sent by river to an Energy from Waste plant in Belvedere. Once there, the waste is burned at high temperature generating electricity for up to 100,000 homes.

Find out more about rubbish and recycling in Lambeth on our website.


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