Nominate your local champion in the Lambeth Community Awards

Lambeth-community-awards-2015-1Do you know someone who has made a real difference to the local environment? It could be someone who freely gives their time, working individually or with others in Lambeth who deserves recognition.

Why not nominate them for a Lambeth community award so we can thank them and recognise their contribution to the borough.

The Cleaner and Greener award recognises those who make a difference to their local environment, whether that be by encouraging their friends and neighbours to recycle, turning an unused area into a garden or food growing space or working with us to find solutions to issues such as fly-tipping.

Last year’s Cleaner and Greener Award winner, Mavis Horscroft, was recognised for her work on Edmunsbury Estate which included advocating for major improvements such as new roofs, windows, security doors and new play facilities for children. Also, her love of gardening and flowers not only improved the appearance of the estate, but  reached out to the community and brought the younger and older generations together.

Do you know someone like Mavis who deserves to be recognised for the work they do? You can nominate them at


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