Lambeth Quietway Routes

This consultation is now closed. Please refer to the Lambeth consultation website for the latest update.


Update -Rosendale Road Quietways

Have your say on the new design proposals on this link. 

We aim to have the safest and greenest streets in the capital and Quietways are a part of this vision, creating direct, pleasant alternatives to busy main roads for people on bikes and on foot. Not just for people who already cycle and walk, Quietways are designed for people who are currently put off by conditions on the roads. We want to open up opportunities for walking and cycling to be a more attractive option for local journeys, to shops, health and leisure facilities and schools. We aim to improve road conditions by making routes calmer, and reducing traffic cutting through residential areas.

We want Quietways to benefit everyone, make residential centres and facilities better connected and improving public spaces along the way where we can. By reducing congestion along the route we can ease parking pressures, reduce pollution and noise levels, and create a calmer and greener environment for people to enjoy. More people getting on a bike or walking, will mean better health and fitness levels in the borough, and will reduce emissions to create a more pleasant environment for all of us.

For more information on Quietways visit:

We want provide the facilities that help to get more of us on our bikes – not just those who already cycle. For people that need help to feel confident cycling, we offer residents and anyone that works in the borough, an opportunity to take advantage of free cycle training.

You can also try a bike before you buy it for just £10 a month, in our Try Before you Bike loan scheme.

We are working with Sustrans who will be out in the community to find out how you use and travel around the area, what you would change and how. Sustrans will also work with you to create designs for particular areas. The designs that are developed with the community will then go forward to consultation.

We need your input in order to do this most effectively. Come and be a part of the process in your area.


Rosendale Road Quietway.


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