Quietways on Estreham Road

This consultation is now closed. Please refer to the Lambeth consultation website for the latest update.

The existing cycle route along Estreham road will be improved by becoming part of Quietways. Sustrans, Transport for London and Lambeth council are proposing a temporary trial of a traffic filter which will reduce the volume of traffic cutting through the area (location marked on the map below).  This temporary trial is likely to last for three months starting in December 2015.


Location of proposed temporary traffic filter

A traffic filter is usually in the form of bollards, trees or planters which prevents motor vehicles cutting through.

This temporary traffic filter would allow us to understand the effects of the change to traffic flow and still allow residents to access their homes and local businesses by car.

Residents and locals are encouraged to fill out this survey so we can gain an understanding of your views before and during the trial.

When the temporary trial filter is in place the formal consultation period will start. You will be able to access the official consultation at www.lambeth.gov.uk.

We will then assess the traffic data from before and during the trial along with your feedback.

After three months all the consultation forms that have been received will be formally reviewed by Lambeth Council and a decision will be made whether to amend or retain the scheme.

trial traffic filter estreham

permanent traffic filter estreham

While we want to encourage everyone to view this trial as part of the consultation we also want to ensure you have the opportunity to raise questions or concerns before the trial changes take place.

Please come to talk to us at the following events:

Drop in sessions at Streatham Scouts, 39 Estreham Road London, SW16 5PQ

Saturday 17th October       1.00pm – 3.00pm     for feedback and comments on the trial

Thursday 22nd October       5.00pm – 7.00pm    for feedback and comments on the trial

For updates please join our mailing list. Email:  estreham@sustrans.org.uk

You can also send us your views by completing our Estreham Rd survey and view a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


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