Create your own sustainable wardrobe at TRAID Clapham!

July 31, 2014

TRAID_event_postera3_clapham_redCreate a fabulous and sustainable wardrobe at TRAID Clapham’s late night opening on Thursday 7 August, 6:30pm – 9pm at 28 St John’s Road, London, SW11 1PW.

You are invited to visit the Clapham charity shop to browse the rails for the best in hand-picked second-hand clothes, vintage and shoes.  They will also have stylists on hand to help you get the most from your charity shop finds. You can pre-book a slot by phoning TRAID Clapham on 020 7924 3065 or emailing

TRAID will also be asking shoppers to sign up to the charity’s #secondhandfirst pledge asking customers to commit to ensuring a percentage of their wardrobe comes from sustainable sources like charity shops and swapping.

This is the fifth in TRAID’s series of late night openings in 2014 with the charity offering lots of different ways to create a sustainable wardrobe including up-cycling workshops, styling advice, talks and films.

Around 1 million tonnes of textiles are sent to landfill and incineration every year, much of which could be worn again. TRAID take practical action to stop clothes being thrown away by working with local authorities, businesses, housing associations, households and schools to divert clothes from the waste stream for reuse.

Find out more about TRAID’s work on their website. You can support their work in preventing unwanted clothes from going to waste and raising funds for projects tackling global poverty by using one of our on-street TRAID textile banks.


There are now even more on-street recycling banks in Lambeth

May 30, 2014

On-street recycling banks

There are now 89 on-street recycling locations in Lambeth, meaning that wherever you live or work in the borough, it’s now even easier to recycle more!

On-street recycling banks allow you to recycle items that you cannot put into your clear sacks or estate recycling bins. Currently, we have on-street recycling banks for:

  • Textiles and clothing
  • Shoes
  • Small electrical items
  • Low-energy light bulbs
  • Batteries
  • Books
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Cooking oil

To find your nearest on-street recycling location and see what you can recycle there – just visit our updated location map.

Most of the items placed into the banks will be sent straight for recycling. Some items, such as clothing, shoes, books, CDs and DVDs are collected by charities and reused.

If you have clothing that isn’t suitable for reuse please still put it into the textile banks as it will be recycled.

For more information on recycling in the borough visit our website.


Give your unwanted items a second chance!

May 19, 2014

Heart-4Items that you no longer want or need can often be used by someone else. There are lots of ways to donate and reuse unwanted items in Lambeth.

Charity shops

Charity shops accept good quality, reusable items during opening hours, such as books, bric-a-brac, CDs, clothes, games, records and shoes. Please check with your local charity shop to see what they can accept.


The following organisations in Lambeth accept good quality unwanted furniture and white goods for re-sale.

You can also offer items to other residents for free on Lambeth Freecycle.

Mobile phones

91% of adults in the UK now own a mobile phone and with regular upgrades available, most of us have old phones at home that we no longer use. Most mobile phone shops will accept old handsets for reuse or recycling and many charities recycle phones to raise funds.

Fonesforsafety, an organisation based in Elephant and Castle, reconfigure old handsets into ‘999 only’ phone alarms for vistims and survivors of domestic violence. Visit the fonesforsafety website for information on their work and how to donate.

Clothing and textiles

Most charity shops will be happy to take your unwanted clothing and textiles for reuse. You can also use one of our on-street textile recycling banks. Any clothing placed into the banks which is unsuitable for reuse will be recycled.

Some charities provide door to door collections of textiles and you may have collection sacks posted through your letterbox. Unfortunately, there have been problems with bogus collectors. To ensure that your donation benefits a genuine charity, please follow this advice issued by the Metropolitan Police.

Swishing is an increasingly popular way of swapping clothing you no longer want for something you will wear. Visit for information on parties in your area or organise your own party at home.

IT equipment and electrical goods

Some charities will accept working IT and electrical items for reuse. Not all charity shops are able to, so please check before donating.

In Lambeth, you can donate your working equipment and goods to one of the following organisations:

Broken goods can be taken to one of our Reuse and Recycling Centres and small electrical items such as kettles and hairdryers can be placed into one of our on-street WEEE banks.

Garden and hand tools

Tools shed is a project that organises the refurbishment of garden tools at HMP Wandsworth for redistribution to community gardening schemes and schools. All tools donated at Lambeth Reuse and Recycling Centre will be donated to this project. To find out more visit the Tools Shed website.

Time to spring clean your wardrobe but don’t just bin it!

April 8, 2014

Wardrobe-audit-_DSC0524._600x400It’s the time of year when we look to have a good clear out of our belongings and start afresh. The only trouble with having a clear out, is that clothes we no longer wear need to go somewhere. The best place for them, is someone else’s wardrobe where they will be worn again, but sadly over £140m worth of clothing gets dumped each year (that’s a staggering 350,000 tonnes).

Once you have carried out your spring clean there are plenty of ways to make sure your clothes get a second chance:

Pass it on.

If items are suitable for wearing again they can be donated to a local charity shop or put in one of our textile recycling banks for reuse.  Your clothes will be enjoyed by someone else and ultimately the environmental impact will be reduced.

Sell it. 

There has never been a better time to sell unwanted clothes. You can sell them online through websites such as eBay, Gumtree, and even Facebook, or at car boot sales. It’s really quick and easy to sell online now – many sites have handy apps for smartphones, meaning that pictures can be uploaded in seconds.

Swap it.

Why not organise a swapping or ‘swishing’ party at home? Ask a few friends to bring along clothing they no longer want and swap amongst yourselves. If you don’t fancy hosting a party yourself, have a look on for parties in your local area.

What if it’s past its best?

Even clothes that can no longer be worn can be saved from the bin! Please take them to one of our textile recycling banks. Once emptied, all clothing in the banks is sorted and anything unsuitable for reuse is shredded and recycled. So even your threadbare socks could have a second chance!

For more information on making the most of your wardrobe visit




Take a tour of the TRAID warehouse.

December 13, 2013


We have teamed up with TRAID (Textile Recycling for AID and International Development) to offer Lambeth residents the chance to visit their Wembley warehouse. The warehouse is where TRAID sorts the donations that are sent to them via their charity shops and clothing banks. We support their work by hosting textile banks at a number of locations around the borough.


TRAID works to stop clothes being thrown away. They take a circular and sustainable approach to the problems of clothes waste tackling disposal, production and consumption by:-


  • Increasing clothes reuse across the UK reducing waste, carbon emissions and consumption
  • Funding international development projects to improve conditions and working practices in the textile industry
  • Educating people of all ages about the impacts of textiles on the environment and people’s lives, and how we can make more sustainable choices

The interactive guided tours are aimed to raise awareness about the socio-environmental cost of clothes over-consumption and textiles waste in the UK.  Participants will be also introduced to TRAID Sustainable Clothes Life Cycle  and how to make a  difference   by making simple, sustainable choices when it comes to managing your wardrobe.


The tour will take place on a weekday, so if you are interested in booking a place, please contact us