Fairtrade Fortnight 2015 – how to get involved!

February 20, 2015
Ruby Figueroa and her son Amilcar

Ruby Figueroa and her son Amilcar

Monday sees the start of Fairtrade Fortnight which this year runs from 23 February to 8 March. Last week, we told you about the screening of new film ‘Fairtrade Matters’ that will take place in Lambeth Town Hall on Thursday 5 March.  If you would like to come along, please book your place by sending us an email. See a sneak peek of the film.

This year, Fairtrade Fortnight will shine a spotlight on the people who make and grow the products we love. People like Ruberra Figueroa, a sugar cane farmer from Belize. Ruberra, or Ruby as she is known, is part of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and is a single mother of three.

Fairtrade has made a difference to Ruby’s life. The BSCFA decided to put some of its Fairtrade Premium towards providing education grants for families struggling to support their children. Ruby’s 15 year old son Amilcar has benefited and is studying to become a chemist.

More Fairtrade sugar sales mean more benefits for the 61,800 sugar farmers and workers in the Fairtrade sysytem and opportunities for more farmers and workers to start selling on Fairtrade terms.

This is why we are encouraging everyone to make Fairtrade choices this fortnight (and beyond!) and we would love you to share them with us! So, whether you are enjoying a cup of Fairtrade coffee, a banana or a chocolate bar, send us a picture to @Envirolambeth using #Fairtradelambeth.

Screening of new short film, ‘Fairtrade matters’ to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight in Lambeth

February 13, 2015

fairtrade_logoWe are really pleased to be able to invite you to a screening of the new short film ‘Fairtrade Matters’ and Q&A session with the Fairtrade Foundation’s Policy Manager, Shivani Reddy in Lambeth Town Hall on Thursday 5 March.

Fairtrade Matters is an evocative and thought provoking short film (13 minutes) which offers a glimpse into the everyday reality behind the tea we drink. Join Edson and Tsala to see the difference Fairtrade makes for them, their families and communities, and the challenges they face. This captivating, moving and sometimes stark film touches on the universal themes that affect us all – from providing for our children to planning for an uncertain future.

Watch the trailer.

After the film, there will be a brief presentation and Q&A session with Shivani Reddy, where you’ll have the opportunity to find out more about how Fairtrade works, the impact it has and what you can do to help.

Fairtrade tea, coffee and snacks will be provided.

When: Thursday 5 March, 12.45 – 2pm
Where: Room 8, Lambeth Town

Places are limited, so if you’d like to come, please email greenchampion@lambeth.gov.uk to book your place.

Find out what Fairtrade is all about and the difference it makes on the Fairtrade Foundation website.

We’ll be updating the blog and tweeting from @envirolambeth throughout Fairtrade Fortnight, so look out for the latest news.

Join us at Lambeth Town Hall on Friday 28 February to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight

February 24, 2014

socialmedia_supportbadge_6bIn Lambeth we’re very proud of our ‘Fairtrade Town’ status, which since 2004 has demonstrated that as a borough we’re committed to helping producers in the developing world secure decent working conditions and better prices.

As we’ve done in previous years, we’re marking the event, by welcoming to Lambeth someone able to share with us their own personal experience of working with the scheme. Alexis Martinez Palacios will be visiting our borough to speak on behalf of his fellow banana producers, and show how Fairtrade has benefitted his industry and community in Columbia.

The event will take place in room 8 of Lambeth Town Hall on Friday 28 February, from 2 until 3:30pm. If you’d like to hear what Alexis has to say and find out more about how our personal consumer choices can make a big difference to people around the world, please contact Sue Sheehan.

As well as hearing Alexis speak, you’ll have the opportunity to sample some Fairtrade products and are encouraged to bring along a Fairtrade cake or biscuits to share. Why not make a banana cake?!

Whether you decide to make a cake, smoothies or something more adventurous with your Fairtrade bananas, share your pictures with us on Twitter  @Lambethfood