Don’t pour it, store it! New oil recycling banks come to Lambeth.

November 25, 2013

Oil recycling bankIt is estimated that UK households purchase over 200 million litres of cooking oil per year and on average 110,000,000 litres of this oil is poured down drains. That’s enough cooking oil to fill an incredible 44 Olympic swimming pools!

Unfortunately, disposing of oil in this way causes problems for our sewer systems. Approximately £15 million is spent annually on clearing blockages from our sewers. You may remember the ‘Fatberg’  story from earlier this year, when a bus sized lump of fat and wet wipes was removed from drains under Kingston-upon-Thames.

There are approximately 200,000 sewer blockages throughout the UK every year, of which up to 75% are caused by fats, oils and grease and approximately 1,000 homes and 5,000 gardens in the Thames region flood with sewage as a result of blockages in the sewers.

Recycle your oil into biodiesel

A much better way to dispose of cooking oil is to deposit it in one of our new recycling banks, where it will be recycled into biodiesel. Biodiesel is a replacement fuel, which is better for the environment than petrol and diesel, and produces fewer emissions.

The banks collect cooking oil in plastic bottles, so once you have finished cooking wait for the oil to cool and pour it into a plastic bottle. Once the bottle is full, screw the lid on tightly and take the bottle to one of the oil recycling banks. Place the secured bottle into the green cooking oil recycling bank and, when the bank is full, we will arrange for this to be emptied and the oil and fats within recycled into a biofuel. The used plastic bottles are recycled separately.

You will find the new oil recycling banks at the following locations:

Win a set of refurbished garden tools!

October 4, 2013

TToolshe tools we collect at Lambeth Reuse and Recycling Centre are donated to Tools Shed, a charity that works with local prisons to give old, unwanted tools a new lease of life.

For the last few years, we have been taking all suitable garden tools to HMP Wandsworth where they are refurbished ready for donation to local community gardening groups and schools.

To thank Lambeth residents for your continued support, Tools Shed have kindly given us a number of sets of tools, all refurbished at HMP Wandsworth, to give away to community organisations, schools and individuals in Lambeth.

If you would like to get your hands on a set , all you have to do is let us know how you have incorporated reuse into your garden.

Perhaps you reuse your plastic yoghurt pots for seedlings? Grow potatoes in tyres or have built your raised beds from reclaimed wood?

Whatever you’ve done, let us know; if you’ve got a photograph even better! Our favourites will each receive a set of refurbished tools.

You can enter:

 We really look forward to receiving your entries by 25 October 2013!

New light bulb and battery recycling banks arrive in Lambeth

May 16, 2013

One of our new bulb and battery banks next to media and textile banks

One of our new bulb and battery banks next to media and textile banks

Working in partnership with recycling specialist Recolight, we have introduced specially designed recycling containers for old low energy light bulbs and batteries. With 19 sites across the borough we have the most comprehensive collection service for light bulbs in the country. The banks can be found at:

1. Acre Lane, Brixton (by Tesco)
2. Barrington Road shopping parade, Brixton
3. Baylis Road, Waterloo (by Waterloo Millennium Green)
4. Belthorn Crescent, Weir Estate, Thornton (by Olding House)
5. Brixton Road, by Max Roach Park, Brixton
6. Clarence Avenue, at junction with Kings Avenue, Clapham
7. Garlinge House, Cowley Estate, Vassal
8. High Trees, Tulse Hill (at junction with A205 Tulse Hill Road)
9. Larkhill Lane, by Larkhall Park, Stockwell
10. Norwood High Street, outside Nettlefold Hall, West Norwood
11. Railton Road, Herne Hill (by Alexander House)
12. Spurgeon Estate, Thorne Road, Stockwell
13. Streatham High Road, near junction with Gracefield Gardens
14. Streatham Vale, on pavement in front of Homebase car park
15. Telford Avenue, at junction with Streatham Hill, Streatham
16. Tesco Car Park, Kennington
17. The Pavement, near Clapham Common tube
18. Valley Road, by junction with Streatham Common North, Streatham
19. Wandsworth Road, by Westbury estate, Clapham.

We successfully bid for a Government grant to fund the costs of the containers and they will be emptied free of charge by Recolight. All the light bulbs collected will be sent for recycling at approved treatment facilities. Modern low energy light bulbs typically last over six times as long as, and use a quarter of the power of, an equivalent incandescent bulb. Most importantly, low energy light bulbs save energy and reduce costs. In order to generate their energy saving properties low energy light bulbs contain small amounts of mercury which can be damaging to the environment. It is therefore important to ensure that they are recycled rather than thrown away in the household rubbish.

For more information and to find out what you can recycle at your local recycling point, please visit our website.

Can you help to design a new project with Lambeth Council?

March 12, 2013

Sky_002We’d like to invite you to a workshop on Saturday 16 March to help us design and develop a ‘street leader’ or ‘street friends’ scheme. Many other boroughs and cities have street leader schemes where people volunteer to look after their street by reporting environmental issues or dealing with them directly using tools and materials provided by the council. We could just copy those schemes, but Lambeth is unique! In the spirit of co-operation and co-production we want to find out from you exactly what sort of scheme would bring the most benefit to Lambeth’s communities.

You’ll help us answer questions such as:

·         What sort of scheme do people want?

·         How can the council support people to take care of their street?

·         How can we promote the scheme so that it involves as many people as possible?

Apart from helping us to design the best possible scheme, the workshop will offer a unique opportunity for you to meet a very friendly bunch of like-minded people. It will be very informal, there will no doubt be some fascinating conversations, and we’ll provide some lunch.

The workshop will be in a meeting room in the White Lion at 232 Streatham High Road, from 11am until 5pm. If you wish, you can attend just part of the day – please email for more details so that someone from the team can get in touch with you.

If you can’t make any of it, please forward this on to friends or neighbours who you think might be interested.